Școala informală de IT

Introduction to Generative AI (with ChatGPT and Semantic Kernel) – Curriculum

Școala Informală de IT

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and Language Learning Models (LLMs), with a specific focus on ChatGPT. The course starts with the basics of AI and LLMs, then moves on to the concept of prompts and how to engineer them effectively. It covers both basic and advanced prompt engineering techniques. The next section introduces the concept of AI Orchestrators and Semantic Kernel, explaining various components like AI Models, Prompt Templates, Context, Semantic Functions, Native Functions, Plugins, Planners, Connectors, Memory and Embeddings, Assistants and Personas, and Custom LLM (Llama models). It also includes a section on Image Generation with Dall-E. The course concludes with a hands-on workshop as a final project, allowing students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the course. 

1. Generative AI and LLMs
  • – Understanding AI 
  • – LLM capabilities, limitations
  • – Introduction to ChatGPT
  • – Setup OpenAI or Azure OpenAI accounts

2. Prompts
  • – What is a prompt
  • – Prompt anatomy
  • – Prompt context
  • – Tokens

3. Basic Prompt Engineering
  • – What is prompt engineering
  • – Prompt structuring
  • – Meta prompts
  • – Hallucinations
  • – Math
  • – Prompt Hacking
  • – Best practices

4. Advanced Prompt Engineering
  • – Shot Learning
  • – Chain of Thought (CoT)
  • – Explain step by step 
  • – Zero Shot Chain of Thought
  • – Self-Consistency
  • – Tree of Thought (ToT)
  • – Other prompting techniques

5. AI Orchestrators – Semantic Kernel
  • What is Semantic Kernel (SK)
  • AI Models
  • Prompt Templates
  • Context
  • Semantic Functions
  • Native Functions
  • Plugins
  • Planners
  • Connectors
  • Memory and Embeddings
  • Assistants and Personas
  • Custom LLM (Llama models)
  • Image Generation (Dall-E)

6. Final Project (hands-on workshop)


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