Școala informală de IT

QA Complete – Curriculum

Școala Informală de IT


1. Quality Assurance Fundamentals

Test planning

Defect management

Test execution

Defect management

Test documentation

2. Performance Testing

Performance Testing Methodologies

Tools and Techniques

3. Automation Testing

Write and execute test cases for mobile and web applications

CI/CD and integration of automation tests in software delivery process

4. API Testing

Functional Testing

Security API Testing

Performance API testing

5. Mobile Testing

iOS and Android mobile testing specifics

6. Agile Testing and DevOps Practices

Collaboration with developers, product owners, and other stakeholders in cross-functional teams

Integration testing through SDLC

7. Database foundations

8. Security Testing

9. Introduction to AI

10. Soft Skills for QA Professionals:

Communication skills


Critical thinking

Teamwork, communication, and adaptability in delivering high-quality software products

11. CV and interview preparation